Historical trends from 2005-2014


New HIV cases in St. Louis in 2014

The case rate for black/African-American men living with HIV/AIDS in the St. Louis region is 1,301 per 100,000. By far, the highest case rate of any group, at 4.5 times higher than white males.


  • Sex: 81% male; 19% female
  • Race: 68% of total cases are among Black/African-American people
    • 65% of all male cases are Black/African-American
    • 82% of all female cases are Black/African-American
  • Age: 1 in 3 new HIV cases (34%) is someone ages 13-24
    • 62 of the 176 new HIV cases in 2014 were in youth, most of which were in men of color who have sex with men (MSM)